Thursday, September 30, 2010


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
 is a non-profit animal rights group that uses sesationalism to get attention. PETA claims to liberate all animals from testing, food production and even homes where they are kept as pets so they can live free lives.

1. There are 2 million members of PETA in the world.

2. in 2009, PETA impounded 2,366 animals:
  • <span> </span>2,301 were killed.
  • <span> </span>8 were adopted.                        ...that's a 97% kill rate.
3. But, not anywhere close to 2006's numbers:

  • 1960 cats impounded- 1942 killed (99% kill rate)
  • 1030 dogs impounded- 988 killed (96% kill rate)

4. From 2000-2009, PETA killed 21,537 animals.
  • OVER 2,000 A YEAR!!!
  • OVER 5 PER DAY!!!
5. PETA kills any animal it deems "UN-ADOPTABLE"
<span> </span>They have no specified criteria for this designation.

6. PETA's annual budget is $33 million.
  • Less than 1% is spent on actually helping animals.
  • Majority is spent on Ad Campaigns, including very expensive, but rejected Superbowl Ads. 
  • They have donated $70,000 to Rodney Coronado, convicted arsonist.
  • and thousands of more dollars to convicted bombers, thieves and whale boat attackers.
7. PETA has protested:
  • KFC
  • The Beef Industry
  • National Cancer Institute
  • Groundhog Day
  • SeaWorld
  • World Of Warcraft
  • P. Diddy
  • NASA
8. They have long-standing ties to:
  • The Animal Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation front.
  • The FBI classifies these two as "SERIOUS DOMESTIC TERRORIST THREATS"

9. PETA spokespeople are often HYPOCRITICAL:
  • Jenna Jameson has been photographed wearing LEATHER.
  • Kimora Lee uses FUR clothing in her fashion line.
  • Pamela Anderson drives cars with LEATHER interiors.
10. PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk admitted to KILLING THOUSANDS of animals at shelters to prevent them from being abused.
  • She killed dozens a day in the 1970's
  • She was STERILIZED at the age of 22 because she opposes giving birth. (kind of off point but I'm putting it here). 


  1. They have beef with World of Warcraft? Could you comment back with a source please?


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  4. you did a good job telling the world about these pEta i have been hearing about huuyuck!

  5. Peta has the right idea. Animal cruelty blows...

  6. Well look at that, PETA are hypocrites..

  7. yeah, they are not that serious about it.

  8. That's sad... And yeah PETA's sucks...

  9. Peta is a bunch of self righteous do gooders there are millions of people worldwide that go to bed hungry every night, I think the word prioritize some to mind.

  10. I eat pita bread sometimes. LoL :D i love animals, but peta is awful.

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  13. PETA would rather kill fellow humans

  14. It's interesting to see someones real intentions when they get that big

  15. Yeah... Its hard, finding the truth is an eternal quest, and the answer is always looming around the corner, but to grasp it is like the moon chasing the sunrise

  16. Extremist that don't know whats good for their cause

  17. PETA are fucking traitors to the human race.

  18. Is this true? I've heard simmilar things before but never seen real sources... and snopes has nothing =[