Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My favorite wallpapers

Firstly a V for vendetta featuring his very long introductory quote featuring much alliteration using the letter 'q'

Boba Fett of Star Wars' mask zoomed and crystallizing detailed

Vader and Fett's masks/heads shopped onto Travolta and Jackson's famous shooting scene in the opening of Pulp Fiction, also their guns have been changed to Star Wars blasters.

A quote I swear and lvie by til the day I die

A very cute way to text message a girl or guy you like

An image of the D-Day landings with AT-AT walkers edited into the background.

Storm trooper masks personified into cereal

Guy fawlkes mask holding a card featuring the symbol of anonymity. 

The Nintendo 64 original controller, very detailed and clear image.

A parody image of this decade's anti-piracy advertisements where hypothetical questions about stealing are asked to the viewer before giving the true message of downloading being horrifically wrong. (not that i agree)

A quote from Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson featuring Calvin dressed as his alter-ego Stupendous Man

Many variations of the Mario Bros. Mushrooms lined up on a black background in a very modern style of animation.


  1. i like the Nintendo controller best

  2. The "Nintendo 64 original controller" isn't what you think it is...

    Nice wallpapers though man. :)

  3. lol i dled that one with the nes controller, ahh ghost and goblins.

  4. For the description of the V for Vendetta one, I think you meant alliteration of the letter V, not Q.

    I like it anyways :)

  5. Another incredible collection of wallpapers. Please, tell us your secret!

  6. you wouldn't download a BEAR! lol

  7. one with dino is great, also two in the top!

  8. that boba fett one is fucking brilliant

  9. the first pics is verry good man

  10. awesome wallpapers!

    btw, I have a new post on GTL Everyday :)

  11. the last one and the one with the bear are my favourites